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Why neglected social media accounts are bad for business

Social media has its pros and cons as you may know, however when using social media as a marketing tool for your business you can often find new opportunities which arise once you make the move to social media.

Social media is a great way to market a business online, as it is free and there are a multitude of platforms to try out. 

Many Businesses are online and have social media accounts to promote and advertise their brand, service or products. However, some businesses do not do this and don’t know how it can affect their company.

Man looking through binoculars, on a tv, which shows facebook logo

So we wanted to share with you our top tips why neglecting your businesses social media can deter it from growing.

Firstly, with having a social media presence and frequently posting updates, pictures and information, you will be able to build a rapport with your customer or client. 

The more information your business gives the public, the more credible and trustworthy they appear. 

Although some businesses may not work on social media platforms such as Instagram or Twitter, letting your customers know that you have and post regularly on a LinkedIn account, allows them to not only see you more, but allows your business to be more open for everyone to see.

As you know not every person has access to social media, however most people do, which will constantly put your business at these online customers’ fingertips.

If your business is missing a social media presence, then potential customers may choose the competition over you.

Also living in the fast-paced world which we do, it has become the norm for customers to expect your business to be on social media. 

A lot of restaurants or bars ask for customers to book online via a social media platform such as Facebook, as this is easy for them. 

Therefore, neglecting your social media presence may deter customers looking at your business as your competitor may appear on their screens more.

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This links in with our last point. Not posting on your social media accounts can unfortunately mean that you become obsolete to your audience. 

Your business has the power to pop up on hundreds of potential customers’ phones, however if you are not posting, then most likely they are not going to find you. So, post away! 

However, the most important message is that you can in fact use social media in the wrong way and ineffectively destroy your brand trust with the users and customers.

Inactivity on social media can lead to slower engagement and therefore slower sales, however a simple post can destroy a business’s reputation within minutes. 

Therefore, you need to have a clear brand message and nothing that may discriminate against other people or businesses.

Following this the BBC claimed in an online article that…

Whether it comes from hackers, disgruntled customers, or is simply a backlash against something you post, negative social media content can destroy trust in your brand in a matter of minutes’.


Keep social media accounts consistent and relevant to your business. Trust us, we know the ups and downs to social media, so follow our tips and watch your company grow!

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