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Why is it important to do monthly check-ups and updates to your website?

There are many reasons why you should check, fix and update your website on a regular basis. A lot of people don’t think that it is important, however, it is extremely

important! It can not only protect your website from being hacked it can also make sure that your site is up to date and is performing effectively. 

Performing these small steps on a regular basis – such as updating plugins – can ensure your website is receiving the latest patches, improvements and bug fixes, which in turn means that you will be keeping your site secure! 

Using a CMS (like WordPress) with various useful plugins and extensions offers a lot of benefits, but it also brings potential risks. 

The leading cause of website infections are vulnerabilities in a content management system’s extensible components. 

Having an outdated website that has outdated scripts, can allow hackers to get into your site a lot easier! 

Therefore, updating your website and backing it up (if you don’t already have an automatic backup plugin) is incredibly important. You do not want to lose your online presence or potential sales from customers. 

In addition, if you are not regularly updating your website’s plugins and content, you have more chance of ranking lower on search engines such as Google. 

Google can detect when scripts and images are broken or outdated, if there is insufficient content, or if the website is inaccessible, therefore your search engine ranking could be impacted – moving the website lower done the results page/s. 

Ensuring your content has good E-A-T; demonstrate expertise, authority, and trustworthiness is also considered by Google.  

If you are frequently uploading new blog posts or articles, Google can recognise this as a worthy website to visit and crawl regularly and can be ranked higher than those who do not.

For those who do not know how to update or fix bugs on a website or perhaps don’t have time to do It, then we can help! We can be your Digital Lifeguard! 

If there is a sudden problem or something has broken our ad-hoc support is ideal for when you’re in a hurry.

If you want more information on what we can offer you visit our website: or if you want to contact us and speak to one of our team members then email us now: [email protected]