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Why do I have low traffic and sales to my website?

Low traffic and sales on your website does not mean your business is about to end, don’t worry.

However, it is vital to know if your website has low traffic, as it can be easily fixed due to a few web developer tricks.

Your site might lack traffic and sales for a number of reasons, for example it might be slow, unresponsive and has a lot of common user frustration pain points to it. These therefore need to be fixed…

So how can you increase your online traffic?

We have listed a few main factors which are the most helpful ways which will get you more engagement on your website.

  • Make the most of social media – post on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and remember to use hashtags!
  • Write blogs for your website and publish them FREQUENTLY
  • Pay attention to your websites SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), use keywords throughout your content.
  • Make sure your Web Core Vitals have good scores! We have an in-depth article about this; Web Performance: What you need to know
  • Create a GoogleMyBusiness account. This adds more authenticity to your site, as it tells the user basic information about your site which is easy to read.
handdrawn graph on paper with steel ruler and pencils

How will having a fast and responsive website increase my traffic and sales?

It is all about customer experience. Yes. Even online.

Just like walking into a store and your expectations have a certain standard, customers have an expectation that your website will be fast and easy to use.

There have been many times where people have confessed to coming off a website due to it being slow and unresponsive.

Therefore, having a better user experience and making the process as smooth as possible for the customer to get what they want will make your site much more admirable to not only the public, but to Google also.

If you follow the steps, we suggested above, we guarantee that your site will rank higher on Google – as Google now ranks websites on SEO, AND website performance. Therefore the more you are ranked on Google, the easier you are found by users!

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How can Blueocto help you?

If you are concerned about your own website performance score, or you have noticed that your site is on the slow side, we can perform a website review to establish what needs to be done.

Don’t worry, your website might not need a total redesign, we might just need to fix a few minor issues which can fix the speed or performance of the site.

We can increase scores and make your site run smoother and faster than it ever has done!

Get in touch today by EMAIL or call us on 0191 710 2014

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