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What is content marketing?


Before addressing the phrase content marketing, First, let’s talk about ‘content’.

Content refers to information or a post you have created which you want to promote and show your audience what your business.

For example, publishing a newsletter about your new coffee range or a new campaign is about. Its purpose is to inform or entertain your viewers.

For many local and international businesses content marketing is a useful and extremely helpful strategy to use to promote your business or new campaigns that it is launching.

To explain this in a different way take a look below…

The more you as a business can publish creative and interesting content, the bigger customer engagement.

This goes in hand with brand loyalty and trust, the more you reach out to your audience, the more you get back from your customers.

Why should a business use this strategy?

The reason why content marketing is so useful in marketing a business is because it distributes relevant information about your business to attract your audience.

This involves making creative and engaging posts for social media, websites, or infographic (graphs, charts etc.) that will make your target audience/customers want to read.

For example, great ways to content market your business is to write continuous blogs, newsletters and to publish posts on social media platforms, such as videos and infographics.

Where to start…

Make everything easy for the audience to access, such as hyperlinks, pictures, and links to other articles, as this will build a sense of community and relationship with your viewers.

A good relationship which is made between the business and the customer allows brand loyalty.

Making your content on your websites or social media more engrossing the more people will view it.

Make your content or campaign shareable on platforms to gain unique users to your website or social media, which will increase your business and acquire new customers.

Overall a win win!

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