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Website Maintenance and Support

website maintenance and support in Newcastle

Website Maintenance and support for your business or charity

We find a lot of our clients require on-going support or maintenance, especially for their WordPress website.

Most platforms require the need to stay up-to-date for new features or security fixes.

And if you rely heavily on your website for business – or blogging! – having a well-maintained website is imperative to ensure your potential customers do not encounter any issues.

Having a stable digital presence is essential for building trust with your online users.

Website Backups

Many websites do not have backups and when they do, knowing if the backups actually work, is uncertain. If you were hacked today, can you be confident everything is easily restored?

We can schedule regular backups – depending on your platform – and we periodically check them, to ensure your website can be retrieved, should an unlikely event occurs.

Website Changes

Being able to make changes in a growing business is essential – no doubt, that is why your website is likely already on a Content Management System.

However, sometimes changes are required which affect the design or layout, or the code which is integral to the function of the website as a whole.

Making these types of changes means you need to have time to figure out a piece of functionality, or perhaps research a new tool you’d like to integrate, such as a sign-up form for a mailing list. This is not your job!

So why not delegate to a professional, knowing you’re in safe hands.

Having someone around that you can contact to help with these technical aspects of the website, can give you peace of mind.

We “clone” your website into a safe space, so changes or updates can be performed and the “live” website remains unaffected.

website life guard for maintenance and support

We can be your Digital Lifeguard

We have several plans available for your budget and needs. Maintenance packages are charged monthly and can be cancelled at any time.

For any ad-hoc requests, we would look at available workloads and give you an estimated completion date alongside a cost.

Crikey! Something has gone awry, broken or you might’ve been hacked!
Our ad-hoc support is ideal for when you’re in a hurry.

If you require quick response time and regular updates, we recommend looking at our Tiered support packages above instead.

Our packages for website maintenance

Tier 1
2 hours a month, which includes backups and upgrades/updates.£99 p/mth
Tier 2
Tier 1 support, plus 2 hours of additional support time.£198 p/mth
Tier 3
Tier 1 support, plus 4 hours ad-hoc support time.£297 p/mth

Maintenance packages are charged on a rolling monthly basis. Minimum contract is 6 months. We require a 30-day notice period for cancellation.

Ad-hoc maintenance and support

For any ad hoc or emergency out-of-hours requests, we would look at available workloads and give you an estimated completion date alongside a cost.

If you require a quick response time and regular updates, we recommend looking at our monthly support package above instead.

Support time during office hours, min. 2 hour£60 p/hr
Out of hours support time, emergency support£99 p/hr
expert website help maintenance support

To enquire about our website maintenance services, get in touch with us today by Email.

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