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UPDATED How to change a Facebook Page call-to-action button

If you can remember in 2017 we gave you a video tutorial on how to change a Facebook page call-to-action button. As that was almost 4 years ago, we thought it was best to update the step by step instructions as Facebook has also updated.

So, first of all you need to go to your company/business page which will be in your personal account under pages…

When you are on this page you will see at the top of the page there is an ‘Edit’ button. In Blueocto’s case, the buttons says ‘Edit Send Message’.

Press on this button and it will bring you to a few options.

Look for the ‘Edit Button’ and press that. This will take you to multiple options which allows you to choose what you want the button to say.

Depending what type of business you are, you can choose what would be the best option for followers to reach out to you. If you have a website, you can add the hyperlink of that in, or depending if you would rather your customers email you, pop your company email address in.

Hopefully this helps you understand how easy and effective this can be on your business!