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Tying Your Website and SEO Efforts: Why It Matters

When asking most marketers, most would say that websites play a tremendous role in providing leverages for businesses.

The best way to make the most out of your website is by exerting effort to search engine optimisation.

If you’re looking for a partner that can help you with both, we got you covered!

Located in Newcastle upon Tyne, Blueocto Ltd is a female-led web development company that serves as the right one-stop-shop for your digital transformation needs.

We understand the complexities of working with multiple vendors for your endeavors, that’s why we offer a variety of solutions that can tie in together to elevate your brand.

Optimal SEO solutions can tremendously help increase your website’s visibility and generate more traffic. Those, in turn, can produce amazing results for your business’ sales and marketing.

While developing a website, it’s best to simultaneously think about the SEO efforts — how it will look, what pages you need, what features may come in handy, etc.

Clutch website

To prove this point, we’re here to share one of our most recent Clutch reviews for ongoing web development and SEO partnership with a therapy services company. 

Clutch is an independent review platform where past and current clients can provide insights regarding their experience with various service providers.

The site is home to a massive collection of data-driven feedback that touches upon the IT, marketing, and business services sectors.

Proven Solutions

This approach to web development and SEO is proven by our long ongoing relationship with our client, Addictions UK.

The Managing Director of the company provided Blueocto its seventh review on the platform and it featured amazing five-star ratings.

In the review, the client noted that they initially needed help improving their online presence back when they first hired us in 2017.

AddictionsUK, WordPress Web Design

The Blueocto team developed the site from scratch and we’ve been integrating key features like a training portal. 

“Blueocto has significantly boosted our online presence. They’ve done an excellent job with SEO, and we’ve been getting more work because of the site.”

James King, Managing Director of Addictions UK

The client also emphasised our team’s ability to understand their needs and the complexities of their industry. This is a high regard that our team truly appreciates.

Blueocto is just one of the many satisfied clients that enlisted us to help with either their web development project or SEO needs.

If you want to see the full scope of the review, you may visit our Clutch profile where you can also see other clients’ feedback.

Our ongoing efforts truly speak volumes about the importance of tying the two services together. We are looking forward to seeing more projects like this in the future.

A Top Service Provider

Aside from the aforementioned review, we are also stoked to share that we’ve been recognised by the newest B2B platform on the market, Top Design Firms.

Top Design Firms

Top Design Firms is a digital portfolio site that aims to help potential clients learn more about the work of countless service providers globally.

The site recently found that Blueocto LTD is among the top 100 search engine optimisation firms in the United Kingdom!

This recognition is phenomenal news to us! We are incredibly proud to be regarded as one of the best in what we do.

This praise reflects the trust, support, and success of our clients, and for that, we are eternally grateful.

See what we’re made of for yourself! Reach out to learn more about our bespoke services and how we can help your brand. Whether it’s SEO, web development, or whatever else, we’re ready!

Get in touch today by EMAIL or call us on 0191 710 2014

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