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Website support and maintenance provided for this Health and Safety training provider based in Sunderland.

Penshaw View Training, Website Maintenance and Support, Sunderland

We have been providing support and maintenance with Penshaw View, since November 2020.

We proactively go through their existing website looking for opportunities to improve the user experience and increase the scores with Google for Core Web Vitals.

Taking a benchmark reading with Google’s Lighthouse tool, we were able to score their website key pages, on the 4 key areas; Performance (how fast), Web Accessibility (considerations disabled users), Best Practices (is it secure) and basic SEO.

Penshaw View Training, Homepage, Google results 30th Nov 2020

Every month we’ve made updates to the website code, content, and incorporated changes from Penshaw they have requested, as well as a completely new Homepage, header section and footer section.

Running the same tool now (May, 2022) we are achieving some great results for their website.

Penshaw View Training, Homepage, Google results 25th May 2022

This testimony was courtesy of who took an independent review from Penshaw View about our work with them.

Client Feedback

As of now, the team was able to highlight and resolve plenty of issues. Blueocto Ltd. has been great in pointing out what to do on the site and work on complicated findings.

With the project still ongoing, the client is already satisfied with the work and has seen positive results thus far.


Please describe your company and your position there.

I am the Business Development manager at Penshaw View, and marketing falls under my remit at the company.

We offer various services from Apprenticeship Provision in England, Health and Safety Consultancy throughout the UK and various other training from mental health & safety to employability & digital regionally in the North East of England.

Opportunity or Challenge

For what projects/services did your company hire Blueocto Ltd, and what were your goals?

We have had a poor experience with our previous supplier meaning our website was not performing in the way it should.

Our goal was to find a web developer who would be proactive, point out the work we need to do to help search engine rankings, but also explain what they need to do to get the site up to scratch.


How did you select Blueocto Ltd and what were the deciding factors?

I had seen Blueocto on a number of networking calls, and following a one to one meeting, I decided that Blueocto seemed more than competent and agreed that there was work to do.

Flexibility was also key as we have 2 websites that need to be looked after, with the possibility of a third build required which we now know Blueocto can help us with.

Describe the scope of work in detail, including the project steps, key deliverables, and technologies used.

Our main website’s home page was split into two, which we now know was not ideal for Google rankings. There was very limited user friendliness, recent changes to the site from the previous supplier were messy and we had no ranking on search engines for key phrases.

We needed flexibility and proactivity as my role as BDM is extremely busy, so the website sometimes has to take a back step. My instruction to Blueocto was we need someone who will go through the website from beginning to end, point out any faults, and aim to correct them, all within the agreed contracted time.

Blueocto have added me to a project management system, Asana, which allows myself and one of the senior management at PV / Riverlutions to see whenever a change is made, keep on top of tasks and send new tasks to Blueocto.

This is ideal for us as it is transparent. Website is built in WordPress, using Yoast for SEO in the back of the site.

How many people from the vendor’s team worked with you, and what were their positions?

Caroline Hagan is my point of contact, and is director of Blueocto.

“I can see the passion Blueocto Ltd. has for the business, and they are clearly knowledgeable in the industry.”

Jamie Pell, Penshaw View Training

Results and Feedback

Can you share any measurable outcomes of the project or general feedback about the deliverables?

So far, many issues with the site have been highlighted and worked on. Blueocto have been excellent in pointing out what needs to be done to the site, working on any problematic findings and also giving me training in some aspects of the site so I know what I need to do to help it on.

Communication has been nothing short of excellent, and Caroline is brilliant at explaining things in layman’s terms so that I understand what is expected of me.

We are still in very early days of working with Blueocto but I am more than confident following the work so far, that we will see hugely positive results on search engines and in the functionality of the site as our relationship goes on.

Describe their project management style, including communication tools and timelines.

Blueocto break everything down into easily understandable chunks. Caroline is never shy in taking calls, zoom meetings and taking as much time as I have needed to understand our website better.

The use of Asana has been key to my understanding of what work needed doing to the site, and we can also track where each task is up by percentage. We are very impressed with this software due to it’s transparency.

What did you find most impressive or unique about this company?

I like the fact that Blueocto is a local company and dealing with the director means we feel the personal touch to our relationship. I can see the passion Blueocto has for the business, and they are clearly knowledgeable in the industry.

It gives me confidence that things will get done… something I didn’t experience with our previous supplier.

We are a family ran business, with family at the core of everything within the company. I also get this from Blueocto, and can have conversations away from business about family-life. Caroline is clearly working extremely hard (sometimes late at night) to provide the best life possible for her little girl.

Are there any areas for improvement or something they could have done differently?

So far so good!! More than good!

Overall Score
Excellent so far!!
Caroline is always available for calls, scheduling work and has been flexible to our needs.We are saving money based on the contract from our previous client, however money was never an issue. We just want a reliable supplier.
Caroline goes above and beyond and keeps me informed of everything that she has done.I am already referring and recommending.

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