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Backups, updates and changes, oh my!

So many businesses invest in a shiny new website and then falsely believe they are ‘done’.

Websites are living things. They have to adapt and grow to the changing habits of your audience and the technical challenges of the web.  

Unfortunately, the threat of hackers and viruses coupled with the need to stay up-to-date with technical changes means that if you fail to keep your new flagship in tip-top condition, you could find your business and assets being sunk.

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Lacking the time or knowledge to keep your website up to date? Don’t worry.

Protect yourself from hackers and stay present on Google with our website monthly maintenance and support packages. 

Your website is more than just a directory listing – it’s your own carved out part of the internet where you can show off your team, tell people about what you do and promote your wares.

Website maintenance is particularly important if you sell products online, as your customers need to feel safe inputting their card details into your site if they aren’t 100% confident that they can trust you. 

Whatever role your website plays, make sure it’s working hard for you.

From performing regular website backups to keeping plugins up to date and even implementing design tweaks, we’ve got you covered. 

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Website Backups

When was the last time you carried out a backup of your website?

Don’t worry if you can’t answer that question. In fact, many organisations don’t even think about backups until they need one. 

Two factors you need to consider are where your website is backed up and how often the backups are carried out.

It’s all well and good having your website backed-up monthly, but if you are making daily updates to pricing or the blog, then this isn’t fit-for-purpose. 

Don’t wait until the ship sails, get your back-up strategy in place now and feel safe knowing you can navigate even the toughest of waves.

WordPress Maintenance Services

Over a third of the world’s websites are built using WordPress.

The open-source software allows web designers and developers to create fantastic bespoke websites with freedom and flexibility.

However, because it’s so popular, it’s also prone to a lot of security issues if it’s not kept up-to-date and managed properly. 

So, when your WordPress web design project is complete, we don’t just send you out to sea solo.

This is just the start of your big journey, and we’ll be by your side whatever the tide may bring. 

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eCommerce Website Maintenance

Picture this: you’ve found the perfect product and you’re at the checkout, ready to input your card details to buy that treat for yourself or a gift for someone else.

All of a sudden, you notice a warning box stating the website’s security certificate is out-of-date, or perhaps you’re not completely convinced this eCommerce website is legit. 

Rather than taking the risk, you – and most other customers – will just head to Amazon or another trusted retailer to buy the same or similar product.

Poor website security will lose you money.

Protect yourself and your customers with ongoing website maintenance from Blueocto. 

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