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JEB Contractors WordPress Web Design Sunderland


JEB Contractors

JEB Contractors have over 35 years experience delivering Engineering, Electrical Installation, Mechanical Installation and more.

They had a very old website, which wasn’t representative of their current business. We created a fresh, clean design to make it easier to understand what they do, and how to get in touch with them.

We built the website on WordPress, allowing JEB to manage all aspects of the website content, navigations, phone numbers, images, everything. WordPress 40% of the Internet websites so there are a wealth of training materials for free online.

Within their custom Theme, they can utilise custom Blocks within the Editor, which provide additional layout options or functionality such as carousels. All built with SEO and Accessibility in mind. Scoring the website with Google, the FCP is 1.3 seconds load time so we’re very happy with the performance.

Our project images for JEB Contractors WordPress Web Design Sunderland

JEB Contractors, WordPress Web Design

JEB Contractors, custom WordPress Web Design, homepage