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Official notification of a limited partnership’s formation

Relevant to Businesses in the UK whose application for registration as a limited partnership reaches Companies House on or after 1 October 2009

From 1 October 2009, the formation of a limited partnership will be officially confirmed once it has been registered with Companies House.

Limited partnerships will also have to include in their name an indication of their status.

In addition, the information required in an application for registration will change.

Confirmation of a limited partnership’s registration

Currently it is not always clear whether or not a limited partnership has been officially registered by Companies House.

Therefore, from 1 October 2009, Companies House will issue a newly registered limited partnership with a certificate. This will be conclusive evidence of the partnership’s formation.

Naming of limited partnerships

From 1 October 2009, all new limited partnerships will have to include either ‘Limited Partnership’ or ‘LP’ at the end of their names.

If the registered office is in Wales, a Welsh equivalent of either of these terms can be used.

Information required in an application for registration

From 1 October 2009, applications for registering a limited partnership must:

  • specify the firm’s name under which the limited partnership is to be registered
  • be signed – or otherwise authenticated – by or on behalf of each partner
  • be made to the registrar for the part of the UK in which the principal place of business of the limited partnership is to be situated

The application must also detail:

  • the name of each limited and general partner
  • the general nature of the partnership’s business
  • the address of the proposed principal place of business of the partnership
  • the term – if any – for which the limited partnership is to be entered into – beginning with the date of registration
  • the amount of the capital contribution of each limited partner and how it’s paid, e.g cash or some other specified form

Full title of regulation

Legislative Reform (Limited Partnerships) Order 2009 (SI 2009/1940)