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My Top Pick’s from DeviantArt 2004

Since joining DeviantArt it has been a surprise how many talented and varied artists are part of this large community. You could literally spend days browsing different subjects, media types and styles and will always find something inspiring and intriguing. One of the many features is that you can actually buy some of the art online in form of prints, postcards, calendars, mugs, puzzles etc. Which make excellent gifts!

_f_r_a_n_k by guava

So here is a selection of some of my personal favourites from 2004, in no particular order. Enjoy!

Americian Eskimo Spitz Puppy by cottoncandipixie

be cautious by suzi9mm

can i keep him by brichan

diST by moodSwing08

Electric by mperko

Feel my lips by shakeit

FeeL zE LuFf by Wingedbunny

Maria Stock 4 – Eyes On Me by lilfuzz6

Matrix homage poster by diablo2003

More Fun Than Tekken by sevenflow

oO 123 Oo by pacman23

scorpio by Feni-x – car sticker by Nuppy

The coolest guitar ever by phoenixdk

The Seven Deadly Sins – VANITY by blackeri


aniline portfolio design by aniline

uniforms first group by wen-m