I am still not overly clued up in this area, but it is also good to have some reliable contacts in this area, should anything ever go wrong.

In short, a bookkeeper is

about understanding how a business works and then providing accurate figures that enable the business to know exactly how well it is doing

So they can take all the time and stress out of the clerical and maths side to let you get on with the design work.

An accountant is

A professional person who develops and maintains the accounting systems, interprets the data and prepares reports; supervises the work of accounting employees and participates in management decisions

Sounds similar to a book-keeper, but I believe their role can be a lot more in-dept and their knowledge of taxes is normally what they can be hired for.

A solicitor is

A solicitor is a legally qualified individual who has a general duty to advise their clients on matters of law

Therefore they are trained to advise on a particular area of law; self-employed solicitors (or lawyers) seem pretty hard to come by, but if you have done everything you can do by law, I think a lot of them are quite happy to advise what you would need to do next.

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