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How to change a Facebook Page call-to-action button


We have updated this article for this year (2021) so take a look at this one!


Hi everyone!

Another question that’s come up one one of the Facebook Group’s that I’m in, and I’ve seen it come up a few times, so I thought it would be worth creating another video.

On a Facebook Page for your business, how to change the call-to-action, which would be this big blue button. Now, I’m obviously logged in as myself, under my Facebook Page.

I’ve only seen this on desktop and not on mobile  (at the time of recording)  so you probably will have to go onto a desktop or laptop to do this.

On the actual button itself, there this little, tiny pencil icon, if you click on that,  (a drop-down menu appears beneath the button) , or you can hover on it, you can edit this button, and here this is where you get the option to choose what kind of button you want – whether it’s to book something, you want them to call you, send a message and so forth.

All the options are there, in my instance I’m sending people to my contact page on my website, so I’ve put a link in here because it’s a ‘Contact Us’ button. If people are on their iPhone’s or iPad’s, there is another option there as well, should you have an app that you integrate with, and also for those on Android phones as well.

It gives you a nice little preview of how it might look on the front-end for your customers and visitors, and on iPhone and Android as well. Then you just save the changes, and that should do the trick.

Ok, I hope that helps!