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Blueocto and Ecologi

Ecologi is an organisation that challenges climate change and helps reduce carbon footprint in our word.

As an institution, Ecologi plants trees and funds projects which reduce carbon emissions across the world.  

To show how far the organisation has come we celebrated ecologi on 22nd December 2020 when they planted their 6 millionth tree around the world.

Blueocto Carbon Impact with Ecologi

As a company ourselves, Blueocto feel deeply passionate about climate issues and reducing pollution, therefore we decided to help the amazing Ecologi for over 8 months now which has allowed the firm to grow over 280 trees just with our help!

Small changes that Blueocto has made are vital to Ecologi.

For example, changing bulbs to LED lights and eating less meat are simple changes we have taken upon as a company has helped support a greener world.

The organisation’s monthly green projects, which we have supported also such as The Eden Reforestation project, have allowed the organisation to take action against CO2 emissions in the world and plant trees in Madagascar.

Our impact visualised

Our 9.87 tonnes of CO2e is equivalent to one of the following

This has made a significant difference to the environment.

With thirty-six projects that Ecologi have created they all help focus on individual issues such as remove more greenhouse gasses and reduces carbon footprint, however overall help make the world a greener place.

We will continue to support Ecologi, however if you are interested and want to make the world a greener and healthier place for us all, then visit our profile at and begin your journey today by making the world a better place.

If you’d like to sign-up and get started with 30 trees, click our referral link here:

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