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Google Analytics Training in Newcastle

Based in Newcastle, we are certified experts in Google Analytics with many years of experience helping our customers make use of their data.

Google Data Studio, Optimise and Analytics

It can be overwhelming working with Google Analytics, with over 80 standard reports alone and over 200 dimensions and metrics to combine, it can be hard to know where to start.

At Blueocto®, we are experienced in working with customers to make sense of their data and convert the mass of reports into useable chunks of data that are relevant and valuable to a specific need.

Working with you, to ensure your tracing configuration is accurate and configured correctly for your business.

It is quite common to see incorrect tracking implemented causing a range of issues, from duplicated page views and skewed bounce rates to traffic being reported in the wrong Channels causing skewed channel grouping metrics, causing headaches for Marketing teams!

Google Tag Manager

Helping you unlock the door to your data by identifying and implementing additional tracking on your site.

Google Analytics as standard will only track sequential page views, but with Google Tag Manager, we can track (almost) everything! See what videos are played on your site and for how long, see exactly which buttons are clicked on and where, as well as tracking links to external sites and email address links, and much, much more. Manage all of your sites tags in one place, with accountability, reduced reliance on developers, and easy undo functions if something goes wrong!

Google Tag Manager

Do you own or manage an eCommerce online store?

Enhanced eCommerce can help you gain greater insight into your user’s purchase journey.

We can show you product visits, add to carts, remove from carts, basket views and checkouts as well as the standard transactions data. You can group products by category and brand to allow you to make better business decisions on what is and isn’t working.

Google Enhanced eCommerce


It’s great having an optimised Analytics account, but useless if you don’t understand it!

Training at various levels to cater for everyone, from beginner introductions to the Analytics platform, to more advanced training covering complex custom configurations and Google Tag Manager.

Measurement Plans

Working with your entire company, from the Sales and Marketing teams to the Board-level, to understand exactly what makes your business tick. We can then find the best way for you to create measurement goals and KPI’s to move forward and measure success. We can then tie this to your existing data points (not just Google Analytics!) to help you track success more effectively.

Testing with Google Optimise

Google Analytics can give you the who, what, where and how for your data, but not the why. We can help you identify from your newly accurate data points, what is and isn’t working on your site, and create a hypothesis for tests to try improve. We can implement A/B tests on your site to see if slight variations can help improve user interactions and ultimately improve the site experience as a result.

Visual representation of how Google Optimize enables on-page editing

For example, the data may tell us that a high percentage of users are leaving the site from the Basket page; a review of the basket page identifies that the buttons to progress are not clear progression options.

We can test improving the prominence of the button by showing a more prominent button to 50% of your users and comparing its performance against what exists currently. If the test is a success, we can implement the change knowing we have the data available to show it works.

We can provide:

  • Data accuracy checks and improvements.
  • Measurement Plans
  • Google Tag Manager Integration and configuration
  • Training in Google Analytics, Tag Manager and Optimise
  • A/B Testing with Google Optimise

Our Other Services

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What’s next? Google Analytics training Newcastle at your fingertips.

We know that the thought of managing all the data on a website can be daunting. Where do you start? What are the chances of things going wrong or taking much longer than expected? The truth is, with a dedicated team, you can achieve great things with reassurance.

With the results we’ve already achieved with our existing clients, we know that your business can benefit too. So, where do we start?

It all starts with an enquiry. The moment we know you’re in need of a little help, we can give you our advice. We can organise a meeting with you and your team to discuss your needs and to figure out a plan of action. What do you want from your Analytics? How do you want your website to be found by a potential customers? We can bring all our ideas together and come up with an ideal plan.

To enquire about our Google Analytics training in Newcastle or surrounding areas, get in touch with us today by Email.

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