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Digital Marketing in Newcastle

Looking for Digital Marketing in Newcastle?

Digital Marketing is one way of creating engaging content for your customers, in and around Newcastle (or nationwide).

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Your business needs to produce interesting content; Facebook posts, YouTube videos, Pinterest boards, Twitter campaigns, and use your social media channels to spread that content around to your potential customers within the Newcastle region.

Marketing has always been important for businesses, but in this modern age, how marketing is conducted is changing at a dramatic rate.

Businesses in and around Newcastle have been searching for new techniques to capture as much of their marketplace as possible.

Away from the local newspaper adverts and flyers in the library, companies are having to adopt Digital Marketing strategies as their primary method of engagement.

We’ll look at a few ways in which you can engage with the people of Newcastle online for a cost-effective price.

We are a local Digital Marketing agency in Newcastle

NE32 to be precise!

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The better the content, and the better the distribution, the more engagements you’ll see.

Google might be the best, and most popular, search engine in the world – but that hasn’t always been the case and may not be for your specific Newcastle customers/clients.

These things are changeable and putting all your eggs in one basket might see you fall foul one day – whether by a Google penalty or the search engine diminishing in popularity.

Yahoo and Bing still attract a good number of users and searches – all potential customers you might be missing out on by committing completely to one search engine.

There are several Digital Marketing agencies in the UK, all of whom promise many different results. Therefore, why should you use Blueocto?

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We are very much results-driven, we can be involved with new product or service ideas that you may have, to give you the input or feedback required from a digital point of view.

We are a specialist Digital Marketing company which has been formed by a group of digital marketing experts spanning throughout the digital mix, including; SEO, Web Design, Content Marketing and Social Media.

We hold tangible and proven results proven by real statistical Google ranking data for local Newcastle and Gateshead clients.

We’re not a one-stop-shop Digital agency

web developer working on laptop

With many consumers turning towards the online field to carry out purchases, information searching and research, it is now imperative that your business in Newcastle has a website that not only appeals to your customers but also ranks high up on the search engines.

Blueocto strives not to be a one-stop-shop digital marketing agency, but provide tailored and bespoke services which include Digital Marketing.

Our specialism is Web Development and from that evolving knowledge and experience, we can ensure you’re receiving the most current information.

It doesn’t matter if you are a huge company or a small business in Newcastle, or just getting off the ground; Digital Marketing will be crucial to your success.

Without it, your products and services won’t gain any traction and new business will be extremely difficult to come by.

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Digital Marketing is taking traditional methods into the online space; engaging with those people on social media in Newcastle who aren’t receptive to marketing in traditional avenues like newspapers, radio or television.

You’ve come to the right place for a digital agency who are willing to collaborate and work closely with your business.

We provide sustainable and digital marketing services in Newcastle without the expensive price tag.

Digital Marketing Agency in Newcastle

We’re a regionally recognised Digital Marketing agency in Newcastle offering effective, affordable and high returning digital services for businesses in Newcastle and surrounding areas.

Want to skip the introduction and fancy a review? Get in touch for your free Technical SEO audit: [email protected]

Our other services

Web Design

If you’re looking to attract new customers or clientele in the Newcastle area, or improve your user experience, we can use our web design expertise to ensure your online experience is enjoyable.

WordPress Expertise

After 10 years, WordPress has become our thing. WordPress now powers around 30% of all the websites on the Internet and for good reason.

The CMS is very powerful, enabling your team or staff to easily add, edit and remove content at will.

Web Development

We build and bespoke development websites and apps, which reduce and remove the administrative burden from daily business tasks, allowing you more time to ultimately focus on what truly matters with your business: Growing it!

Google Analytics training

Most have heard of Google Analytics, but perhaps don’t use it to its full capabilities.

Knowing how your users find you online, what answers they require or how many are converting to paying customers, is imperative for your Digital Marketing strategy, or social media campaigns, to work.

Alternatively, connect with us on social media.

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