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Category: News

Blueocto urges firms to back apprenticeships

Lucy Metcalfe and Caroline Hagan, Blueocto

As a growing web design and development agency, we’ve urged fellow small businesses to continue providing opportunities for young people, after we onboarded an apprentice of our own during lockdown. Caroline Hagan, our founder and managing director of Blueocto, was an early adopter of remote working, having made the decision in February 2019 to close […]

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Blueocto is growing!

Dean Hope joins Caroline Hagan and the team at Blueocto Ltd

We’re so pleased to announce today the appointment of a new designer, Dean Hope, following our growth over the summer with a few new client wins. Dean has spent three years in digital design and user experience in interiors and tech respectively and will be responsible for supporting our growing charity client base to optimise […]

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Official notification of a limited partnership’s formation

Relevant to Businesses in the UK whose application for registration as a limited partnership reaches Companies House on or after 1 October 2009 From 1 October 2009, the formation of a limited partnership will be officially confirmed once it has been registered with Companies House. Limited partnerships will also have to include in their name […]

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