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Ecolog Climate Positive Workforce We have planted 413 trees


We are actively recruiting for the following roles;

Front-end Developer

PHP Developer

Applicants should send a full CV to [email protected] – we love to see portfolio’s, repo’s, codepens!

About Us

Business Innovation Centre, Sunderland

Find out more on our about us page. Established in 2013, we made it official in 2015 and have been around for 6 years.

Bit of a underdog, but we pride ourselves in working with the clients and their customers, over being the next big “Tech company” raking in all the awards!

We have built up a successful portfolio of clients so we’re keen to recruit passionate individuals who are ready to work in a dynamic, creative and ever-changing environment.

Our varied client base and fast-paced and friendly office environment make Blueocto a great place to work. Currently we’re working from the Business Innovation Centre, in Sunderland.

We have always encouraged remote-working and flexible working (before pandemics were trendy!).

Totally not an awkward photo!
Caroline and Matthew at SearchLeeds, 2019

We invest in online training and encourage attending events in the industry to further your knowledge and experience.

Our core values are;

  • High quality code standards
  • Awareness of accessibility and inclusion
  • Affordability for our clients
  • No-nonsense, no jargon!
  • Interested in ‘tech for good’, community-driven