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Blind man reading braille book.

Accessibility and your business

When your website isn’t accessible, you’re denying access to your information and services to a large group…

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tops for choosing a new domain name

Tips for choosing a domain name

There are two crucial parts to any website, no matter what service you want to use. One…

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Diversifying your online presence during a pandemic

Adapting your business to an online audience has been crucial for the survival of countless businesses that…

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UPDATED How to change a Facebook Page call-to-action button

If you can remember in 2017 we gave you a video tutorial on how to change a…

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What is content marketing?

Content Before addressing the phrase content marketing, First, let’s talk about ‘content’. Content refers to information or…

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Optimise your website for online shopping this winter

Get your website ready for covid-19 lockdown

There’s no denying that the second covid-19 lockdown in the UK is going to be difficult. Not…

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Woman holding magnifying glass in front of her face. Wearing sunglasses and pinstripe suit.

Why do you need to add a search function to your website?

There are many reasons you would want to add a search function to your website. The main…

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Dean Hope joins Caroline Hagan and the team at Blueocto Ltd

Blueocto is growing!

We’re so pleased to announce today the appointment of a new designer, Dean Hope, following our growth…

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What are web semantics?

Semantics refers to adding meaning through language and on the web, that translates to using specific languages…

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designer at a desk with pencils, pens and colour charts

The typical web design workflow

Every designer and agency has a workflow that they like to use for their own projects. Workflows…

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Pre-launch checklist for a website to go live

With your optimisation phase completed, you’ll be looking to move on to the final phases, Launch and…

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Using WordPress for eCommerce

In this article, we’ll take a look at all of the platforms that are built on top…

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