Octo Referral Scheme

Get rewarded for introducing new business!

Blueocto Ltd is a bespoke web agency

Focussing on high-quality, semantic Development and custom Web Design.

Specialising in popular platforms such as WordPress and Shopify, we have a keen interest in Web Accessibility and Fast websites.

With over 10 years of industry experience, now we have a team of creative, enthusiastic and experienced developers and marketers.

Blueocto has helped businesses and charities to realise their goals, expand their operations, and lend their business an upper hand over their competition.

Many clients have reached us through recommendations from our existing happy clients that we highly value.

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Earn through Referrals

The right influences nurture the right partnerships!

Our referral scheme is a relationship-focused revenue channel, intended at building strong relationships, based on trust, values and a growth mindset.

Our referral scheme is aimed at fostering the right recommendations with ongoing needs.

How Our Referral Scheme Works

Ongoing Project

An ongoing project continues month after month until the project is terminated.

Examples of ongoing projects are monthly support of existing websites, including backups changes for Google Core Web Vitals and functionality improvements, which accompany a fixed monthly payment commitment.

Such projects commit at least three months’ contract and continue until terminated. In such cases, a 5% referral commission is paid out every month, once the invoices are paid.

One-Off Project

A one-off project will have a finish date and the payment is done after the completion of the project.

Examples of one-off projects include web design and development projects for B2B, charities and eCommerce.

Once the invoice of the one-off project is paid, we shall pay a 10% flat referral commission.

How will you benefit from referring us to a potential client?

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Our referral scheme will benefit everyone involved.

Client loyalty is something we value the most. Through this referral scheme, we as a business will always be a dedicated stakeholder for your business, so you can always rely on us.

When you introduce or refer someone to our organisation, you do it because you trust and have faith in us. It is our responsibility to respect that trust and do our best to accomplish our partners’ needs.

Quality, consistency and respecting timelines are the three pillars we stand on. Anyone you bring or recommend to our business will always experience the same unparalleled service from us.

When you refer our business to someone in your network, they will instantly get access to our dedicated and enthusiastic team and bring with them years of valuable experience to enable the business to level-up.

Have a Referral?

Complete our handy online referral form

Or, introduce us on [email protected] and share the details of your referral.

If you’re an existing client, then please contact Caroline.

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Terms & Conditions

Before you refer, it is good to know the fine print:

  • If you help us to activate a one-off project, you’ll get 10% of the project value as a reward.
  • If you help us to activate a recurring or ongoing project, you’ll get 5% of the contract value as a reward – It will be regarded as monthly pay-outs upon receipt of the project’s payment for the first 12 months.
  • If the payment gets cancelled for any reason from the referred client, it would result in the cancellation of the referral too.
  • You need to generate an invoice every month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will I receive the payment?

A: Upon receipt of the project’s payment, we will process your payment within 14 business days.

Q: What will happen if the referral did not pay?

A: The referrer is not eligible for any payment in such cases.

Q: What would happen if the referral gave another project? Will I get paid?

A: The referrer is eligible to get paid for the first project only.

Q: How do I get the payment?

A: After you raise the invoice, we shall initiate the payment within 14 business days.

Q: How to refer a potential client?

A: You can simply introduce them to us. One of our team will directly contact them. We are open to maintaining the referee’s confidentiality if needed.

Q: Whom do I Refer to?

A: Existing Clients can share the details of the referral with Caroline, Managing Director. They will proceed ahead from there. On the other hand, you can directly introduce them at [email protected] .

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