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About Blueocto

North East England Chamber of Commerce logo

It’s important that you know the people who will be working on the project.

We are members of the collective force that is the North East Chamber of Commerce – you can see our profile here.

We are also providers with NBSL funding and RTC North, if you’re considering extra financial support towards your project.

Caroline Hagan

Completing her education in Design, Multimedia and Graphics, Caroline evolved into Web Design at the beginning of her career. Working on “old school” projects with brochures and scalpels weren’t enough and the enticement of the “New Media” website design and the coding scene was where she wanted to be.

After years of working in digital agencies, she decided to go it alone and has run Blueocto for 6 years. Caroline is now a Google-accredited Mobile Sites, Front-end Developer, her focus is ensuring your website is performant and accessible and exudes the personality of your business.