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About Blueocto

Who are Blueocto?

blueocto ltd female-led web design development agency

Blueocto is a female-led team of web developers, with over a decade in creating websites for small and medium-sized businesses and charities all over the UK.

We care about our clients and about doing right by them, their customers and their business.

We know how hard it can be to start and grow a business because we’ve done it!

That means that when you decide to spend your money with us, we know how big a deal it is, we know it might be a leap of faith, we know you are probably anxious about it, we know you are placing trust in us, and we know how precious that is. It’s important to us that we are affordable.

Getting the right person for the task at hand means you’ll get the right results. There are no smoke and mirrors, we don’t baffle you with jargon, we pride ourselves on being clear and concise.

That’s why we believe in collaboration; when you choose to work with Blueocto, we become a team, we combine our expertise with yours, to make a change.

We are goal-focussed to make sure you reach your long-term ambitions.

Planning website structure, design and development on a whiteboard at Blueocto Ltd

We actively seek to make people’s lives easier… sharing useful articles, sharing our tips and knowledge on our Blog.

We’re advocates for web accessibility and inclusion in all its forms, and especially in web design and development.

We see a future where accessibility and inclusion is the norm, not a “nice to have” and we encourage all of our clients to think the same.

High code standards and focus on quality come from the passion for our work.

We take the time to get things right the first time, so you can trust that you’re in safe hands.

It’s important to us to put something back into our local community, we are passionate about Tech for Good, using our skills to support charities, CICs and local, homegrown, hard-working small businesses – that’s what drives us.

North East England Chamber of Commerce Member

Member of the North East England Chamber of Commerce

We are members of the collective force that is the NECC – you can see our profile here.

We are also providers with NBSL funding and RTC North, if you’re considering extra financial support towards your project.

Caroline Hagan • Managing Director

Bringing background academics in traditional Graphic Design and Advertising, Caroline is a Google-accredited Mobile Sites Web Developer, with over 10 years industry experience.

Working with small business and high-end retailers, her focus is ensuring your website is super fast and accessible and exudes the personality of your organisation, but more importantly, is the best experience for your clients and customers.

She loves to meet new people and get involved with local networking – you can connect with her on LinkedIn.

Lucy Metcalfe • Digital Marketing Assistant

Lucy studied and qualified in Fashion Journalism with Sunderland University.

She is a pro-active writer, having been a Beauty Editor for Fashion North.

She now takes care of Blueocto and clients Digital Marketing, including writing regular news articles, curating social media posts, managing email campaigns and training on Google Analytics.